Contributing Guidelines

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Contributing Guidelines

Code of Conduct

This is probably way overkill, but this is by far my most active project in terms of contributions, and somewhere along the way I was convinced that it was a good idea to have this in place sooner rather than later:

I want to provide a safe, healthy environment for all contributors/participants regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, etc. As such, I don't tolerate harassment of participants in any form. In particular this applies to my issues tracker, but also to any other means of communication associated with this project that might come up. Anyone who violates these basic rules may be sanctioned/banned/have-their-comments-deleted/etc by my discretion.

Glad we cleared that up.


Before working on your fix/feature/whatever, you should create a new branch to work on. Do something like:

$ git checkout -b 'my-sweet-new-pull-request'

Please Please Please Start With A Test

ecstatic has some pretty gnarly branching/logic underneath. Tests are extremely important because they (a) prove that your feature/fix works, and (b) avoid regressions in the future. Even if your patch is problematic enough to not be merged, a test will still be very helpful for confirming any future fix.

I won't reject your patch outright if it's missing new tests, but it sure helps!

Code Style

Ecstatic lints using a number of modifications on top of airbnb. If you think "airbnb except it doesn't need to be transpiled for targeted platforms" you're pretty close.

Linting is executed as part of pretest. Your code should pass linting before being merged.

A Few Other Minor Guidelines

  1. Keep your pull requests on-topic. A pull request purporting to tackle A shouldn't also have commits changing B and C. Feel free to make separate pull requests. For instance: A pull request should generally only update dependencies when doing so is required to add the feature or fix the bug. This feature can, of course, consist of updating dependencies.
  2. I prefer maintaining the changelog and package.json version myself. This is because I try to make a single commit for a tagged release contain all changelog additions and the version bump, and this breaks down when there are interstitial commits making updates to either.
  3. In case you were wondering about dependencies, you may find this helpful: dependencies statusopen in new window
  4. Please add yourself to CONTRIBUTORS.mdopen in new window if you haven't done so! Fill in as much as makes you comfortable.

Pull Request

Make a pull request against master with your new branch. Explain briefly what the patch does to the code, along with any concerns.

(If you don't have a description, it's hard for me to put the changes in context. That makes it more difficult for me to merge!)

Keep It Moving

I don't always notice new PRs, and sometimes I will forget to follow up on them. If this happens to you, you can bump the PR thread or find me on IRC or twitter.


HAVE FUN :v :v